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Arrow: S2, E12: Tremors )

Justified: S5, E4: Over The Mountain )

Been catching Hollywood Game Night when there is a celebrity I'm interested in. This week was Michael Weatherly, plus Michele Tractenberg - dude, she is hardcore, a ver competive person, you could tell, she didn't like losing. :P the show is fun, but I have to admit that Jane Lynch is a tad annoying, she tries to be funny, but most of the time it's awkward. In my opinion.

Out of the 5 workdays this week, I got up and did some movement exercises 4 of them. I think that is an accomplishment. The program is going alright, but each day I seem to eat something additional I shouldn't. Last night it was a chocolate chip cookie after resisting the goodies at work all day. But I suppose one cookie is not going to ruin everything else, so I keep going. Tomorrow is the really hard "cleanse" day where I just drink stuff all day. That will be difficult.

Work. Well I sat with the staff yesterday and gave everyone their Reviews. It went fine, just that Staff Member K seems to have a different memory of her year, sadly her Review is subpar and it will be reflect in the no merit and low bonus. But in her Review she feels that it wasn't that bad, a few mistakes here and there. Yeah. That's not how it worked, and I'm a bit disturbed that she thinks so. The merit stuff doesn't come out until mid-late February so I'll worry about it then. Right now I need to focus on transitioning the workload from the other office to my staff (where I'm one person short).
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Justified: Ghosts )

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Tech news
Update on the laptop is that the mother board died. Yep. The Tech Services guy says he hasn't seen a mother board die in over a year. Woofreakinhoo for me. So I'm paying him to remove the harddrive - which by the way isn't readily accessible like 90% of all laptops, this one has to be totally taken apart - and have him save it to my backup hard drive. This way I don't have to figure out what is mising from iTunes, or go back and try to recreate all the recs I've sent out in the last 10 months.

This new laptop will be better right? We will be through all the bad luck? Right?

Kid news
So, LM#2 has been without a binky since Saturday night. He's been getting up a little earlier, normally we have to drag him from the bed at 6:15 but lately he's been up at 6:00. I think before, he'd wake, find the binky and then mod back off to sleep. I always took the binky from his mouth when I went to bed, and most times in the morning he still didn't have it. So far this has been a smooth transition. I feel for Mr. KA because the almost 7am wake up call will be much earlier right now.
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(Quote from Justified not exact)

Justified: Peace of Mind )

In a shocking turn, I'm still watching this, although I do tend to forward through the surgeries and medical mumbo jumbo if I'm short on time *g* Monday Mornings: Truth or Consequences )
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Glee: Guilty Pleasures )

Arrow: Return of the Huntress )

Supernatural: Goodbye Stranger )

Hawaii 5-0: Na Ki'i )

ETA: Justified: Decoy )

I'm sick again, this is my fourth sinus infection in six months. It's not surprising since I always feel as though I have liquid in my ears/head and I can't get it out. It's just tiring, I'm tired of being so congested and feeling like crap. And I had been looking forward to this weekend for a while because the kids are staying at my parents on Saturday. And while we had no plans, lying around feeling crappy and lying around with the hubby watching TV are slightly different.
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I think I need a Justified icon...

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Glee: Diva )

Suits: He's Back )

I'm actually caught up on the shows I watch alone. I'm going to enter my vacation with only one Merlin and one Last Man Standing. I'm very proud of me. The shows Mr KA and I watch together... yeah, we are in the hole badly because he went out last night and we watched nothing! I may actually have to force myself to stay up until 10:30 to watch an extra show each night. :P

There is a snow storm coming, they are predicting about 3-6 inches for our area. This storm is really going to slam the New England area though with talks of 2 feet of snow. I'm just happy the snow is arriving tonight and not Sunday night to mess with my flight to Florida.

Three days until we leave for Disney, I'm so excited, yet nervous at the same time. It will be the first plane ride for the kids, first big trip as a family. Here's hoping I pack well and complete. Due to the kid's breathing problems I'm packing a nebulizer, I'm afraid to leave it, so that will add some weight to the suitcase. I know I can pack everything into the two large ones, but I fear the weight limit. So I may just spread it out to three bags. Decisions, decisions.

Speaking of which *g* Mr KA and I have not broached the stroller issue yet. That will most likely happen tomorrow. I think he is going to rent one, that is my thought. Since we are staying in the park, after we dump the stroller it's not that long to the bus line (in theory). I think I may still push for taking one. :)

Off to a debreif with HR about the two internal candidates we have interviewed for the open AP staff position. Then on to work on internal webpages, something that I'm struggling with but has been assigned to me. Then... vacation and Disney!!!
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Thoughts on shows:
NCIS: Hit and Run )

Supernatural: As Time Goes By )

Arrow: Vertigo )

Justified: season four so far )

Mr. KA and I have a date tomorrow, we are going to the Movie Tavern. A place where we can have dinner and watch a movie at the same time. Sadly their choices of movies were slim since we saw two of them and don’t want to see a 3D movie. I’m seeing Warm Bodies and I just hope it’s amusing, please let it be funny.


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