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The Flash: S1, E3 - Going Rogue )

Hawaii 5-0: S5, E4 - Ka No'eau )

Agents of Shield: S2, E6 - A Fractured House )

And the Avenger: Age of Ultron exclusive clip?? Awesome, so perfect. There was humor, there was bonding, there was Natasha being awesome, and Steve shifting Thor's hammer ever so slightly. *gg* Of course the happy was short lived as we saw the real clip, with the freaky Pinocchio song and James Spader's voice as Ultron. I also saw a clip today of Steve and Tony, chopping wood of all things, having a discussion/sorta argument. But... chopping wood. This movie is going to be all over the place and I trust in Joss Whedon so I'm going to have faith that it will be good.

Of the bad, I'm sick. Stayed home from work today due to congestion and exhaustion and just horrible aches and pains. Got better through the day but then I made dinner, had baths/showers to give, lunches to make, then I felt like crap again. May stay home tomorrow too, I have tons of sick time but I will have to work a little. Maybe tomorrow I'll make myself watch some shows I'm behind on.
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Hawaii 5-0: S5, E2 - Ka Makuakane )

Sleepy Hollow: S2, E3 - Root of all Evil )

Saw Gone Girl today, great movie. Awesome directing and acting, and even though it was 2 hours and 25 minutes long it really didn't seem like it at all.

Tomorrow is LM#1's birthday party for his friends, we are doing Chuck E Cheese. The party bags are done, the cupcakes are done. Theme is Ben 10 so I have the omnitrix on the gift bags, and on the cupcakes - however I don't think a lot of the kids know what it is. It's an older show, one that I found on Netflix and the kids really like it.

We painted pumpkins today and I did a Cap shield on one side, an arch reactor on the other and an "A" in between. The "A" isn't great but I am pretty pleased with the other two.
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Here I go again, trying to make sure and update here.

First some quick opinions about some TV shows.

Hawaii 5-0: S5, E1 - A'ohe Kahi e Pe'e Ai )

Arrow: S3, E1 - The Calm )

Supernatural: S10, E1 - Black )

The Flash: S1, E1 - City of Heroes )

Agents of Shield: S2, E3 - Making Friends and Influencing People )

I have tried the comedies of blackish, Selfie and A to Z and each have something different but the funniest one was Selfie - sure it was ridiculous but the actors embraced it and it was fantastic. I'm interested to see how it goes forward. blackish thought the second one was better than the first so I'll tune back in. A to Z was eh, it has to wow me with the second episode otherwise I'm done.

I am still watching NCIS however I may stop and leave poor Mr KA to watch on his own. I just, the dialog is so bad, and the plots are ridiculous and... I just don't think I want to spend 45 minutes of my evening like that anymore. I'll see after this episode. I will miss the characters, but now the world they live in (I think the last straw is the plot device they used in the second episode involving Dir. Vance. I couldn't stand it, it was so manipulative, grrrr.

work stuff )

We were supposed to go apple picking tomorrow after LM#1 was finished school but sadly it's going to rain. So that needs to be delayed. I have off tomorrow, which is awesome, and I will be painting vertical stripes into my son's room. LM#2 has been wanting his room repainted so I allowed him to pick the colors (a bright blue, a red delicious red and a dark dark purple) The bright blue stripes will be on the red wall, sadly I wanted the purple on the red, though it would be subtle/cool look. After the painting is done I will order his new furniture, hopefully the one I picked out will fit in his room. There won't be a ton of floor space, however the furniture is being purchased with the thought of him taking it with him when he leaves. LM#1 has a queen bed, but LM#2's room is too small for that so he is getting a double.

One thing I am doing for myself tomorrow is getting a pedicure. I need one. Badly. It will be the last one for while as it's now winter and I won't be in sandals.
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I went to Escapade and had a great time, loved hanging out with reccea and hederahelix (which doesn't happen nearly enough for my liking). Met some new people as well.

Sadly there was a small issue with wifi connectivity and my work computer, basically that it wasn't working, so I had to be taken to a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in order to get my work done. Then there was the fact that I coughed the whole trip. I really believe people that I had the plague. *g*

Unfortunately I'm still coughing, I'm now taking Tessalin Pearls, something to suppress the coughing, I've taken 5 pills and I've seen no improvement so tomorrow morning I'm hoping that is different. But I'm not feeling well, I feel like I did before the antibiotic. And that just seriously sucks.

I'm behind on tv so there's not much for me to talk about. Although I could rant about Bitten because wow with the bad. Mr. KA seems to be enjoying it but I find no character appealing or likeable and there was snipping of appendages in the last ep that... yeah, kind of pointless if you were going to kill him, why be so cruel? Hence the un-likability of everyone.

Looking forward to Teen Wolf tomorrow. Mr KA and I were supposed to go to a play but they only sold 2 tickets - ours, so they canceled the performance and gave us a refund and a credit for tickets, so that is good. But now we aren't sure what to do. I kind of had it in my head that I was off and I really need the rest. I may take a half a sick day for the afternoon and work the morning where I can be uninterrupted.

I did watch the latest Hawaii 5-0s and the banter and talks between Steve and Danny really are the show for me. I think the weekly crimes are boring and kind of stupid, or perhaps I just am not paying attention.

I joined Tumblr, so if you are there, I'm kimannebb. I don't quite get what I'm doing but I'm reblogging stuff. *g*
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Supernatural: S9, E1: I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here )

Sleepy Hollow: S1, E4: The Lesser Key of Solomon )

Hawaii 5-0: S4, E2: A'ale Ma'a Wau )

Masters of Sex was good as well. It's interesting to see characters in the late 1950's (I think that's when it is) and see that there are house wives, prostitutes, brothels and "loose" women. For the longest time I had a certain picture in my head about the past decades where everyone was married and didn't sleep around. However I was wrong. :PPP But the show has an interesting premise and the acting is good.

I am behind so I will be watching Agents of Shield tonight.
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Hawaii 5-0: S4, E1: Aloha Ke Kahi I Ke Kahi )

Masters of Sex: S1, E1: Pilot )

NCIS: S11, E1: Past, Present, Future )

Agents of Shield: S1, E2: 0-8-4 )

We have decided to drop Dads, Brooklyn 9-9, and Hello Ladies (which only got one ep, it was just bad. And I want to support Seth Green and while there are funny lines occasionally, it's overall awkward.

Next week the CW starts followed by USA I'm sure so I will have to juggle more shows. Sheesh. :) Fall TV season has officially arrived.

I'm sick. I thought it was allergies but I don't think so. I think I'm leaving work early maybe to nap. I'm working from home tomorrow and I would love to say I'll sleep until 6:00 but sadly LM#2 has been up consistantly at 5:30 this week. Before school started there were times I went back to bed at work at home days but now with LM#1 not leaving until 8:30 that is not possible. I'm just looking to figure out a time to rest.
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Glee: Guilty Pleasures )

Arrow: Return of the Huntress )

Supernatural: Goodbye Stranger )

Hawaii 5-0: Na Ki'i )

ETA: Justified: Decoy )

I'm sick again, this is my fourth sinus infection in six months. It's not surprising since I always feel as though I have liquid in my ears/head and I can't get it out. It's just tiring, I'm tired of being so congested and feeling like crap. And I had been looking forward to this weekend for a while because the kids are staying at my parents on Saturday. And while we had no plans, lying around feeling crappy and lying around with the hubby watching TV are slightly different.
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Merlin: The Disir )

Hawaii 5-0: Hookman )
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Hawaii 5-0: Popilikia )

Last Resort has been pretty good. I like that it's not just about the submarine crew, but the island and the mainland in DC. Last Resort: Eight Bells )

Arrow: Honor Thy Father )

Today is the big birthday party. The cupcakes are made and cooling and I'm about to start the icing.
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As you guys know that if I watch a show by myself I sometimes fall behind and since the regular TV season started... well... I'm behind.

But. I finally watched The Rundown Job of Leverage )

I was alway really looking forward to Hawaii 5-0 based on the previews. Steve and Danny in mortal! peril! What more could you ask for? Perhaps more mortal peril? Hawaii 5-0:Lana I Ka Moana )

So the second "new" show of the TV year has been axed by us. First it was The New Normal - but now that Matt Bomer is going to be guest starring I'm going to have to record that episode. And the second is Elementary. It's only two episodes, and normally that isn't enough, but I have such a full plate. And while the chemistry between Sherlock and Joan is good, the rest of it is boring. I did not find the "mysteries" very hard or compelling and it was just like most of the other crime proceedurals on TV. So, sadly, I'm letting it go.

Right now Go On is funny, the second episode of The Mindy Project was hysercial. Seriously made up for the lackluster pilot episode.

On the fence is Partners, I think it's cute and was really amused by the second episode and I think the banter and timing between Sophia Bush and Michael Urie's characters is great and it makes me smile. Revolution is ok, it's really good in bursts, but my main problem is Charly. I don't think she is a good actress and the character is whiney and unreasonable.

I will say though after only one epeidoe of Arrow I'm really excited about it. Arrow: Pilot )

Tomorrow is a packed day. After sleeping in (Mr. KA is awesome!) I will take the kids food shopping, then there is a soccer game, then we are going to a local school for a Pumpkin Festival. Hopefully it isn't too cold.
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Let's face it. Facebook has made me feel as though I'm reaching all my friends, when in reality that is not the case. So once again I'm going to try updating my journals.

Currently I believe there is a problem with crossposting, so I will be copying and pasting between the two sites just to keep everyone informed.

I had a great weekend as I was able to hang out with [personal profile] hederahelix and then visited with [personal profile] ctbn60 for a little bit during her daughter's wedding. It was a good time. It has of course, made me miss some of my friends and fandom. But, I will try to be more of a presence online (outside of Facebook).

Avengers is my new shiny fandom. I was skirting the edge of it for a while, and then the movie came out and notched me a little higher. Then [personal profile] hederahelix returned from Con-Txt with so much squee that it was not contained and had to be shared. And I glady accepted.

I'm so enthralled by the Avengers and all of it's cast that I saw The Bourne Legacy in the theater, and with only one date night a month with the hubby, that is commitment. I have purchased RDJr's album because I'm crazy. I find myself searching Youtube for new Avenger vids, or RDJr vids, or Chris Evans stuff. I just have it really really bad. *g* And that's a good thing.

The new TV season is here and I'm already behind, but I'm not really sure how many new shows will make the cut. I really find myself without a lot of patience, just not enough time to give all shows 6 episodes to get it's feet. I will admit that after last week's H50, Hederahelix and I watched the previews for tonight's ep. smiling widely I looked at her and said that (and pointing to my TV) is why we still watch H50. Of course it could suck, but anything with that premise? Must be watched. Sadly it's 10pm and hubby doesn't watch the show so I need to squeeze it in another time, but I will find time and I hope it fills me with lots and lots of happiness.

The boys are good. Their birthdays are soon and will be 6 and 3. yeah, I really don't see how that is possible, but yes, 6 and 3. The 6 year old is writing, reciting phone numbers and reading (a little). All very exciting. Now if only the 3 year old would get with peeing on the potty the world would be a better place. :)


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