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Once Upon A Time: S4, E4 - The Apprentice )

Yesterday was the family party and it went well, there were about 13 people here and then only 11 for dinner, that included children. It was really small since the rest of my family had other obligations etc. Every year when I do this I always tell myself I won't be controlling, that I won't freak out, that I will handle things smoothly.

That's of course, not what happened. I can see myself overreacting to all the questions that I'm asked or trying to keep things moving, and then it doesn't help that i have my family (mainly my parents and brother) telling me to relax, and it doesn't have to be on plan, or organized. That's not the way I'm made, it's just not. But maybe next year I won't be so ahhhhhh.

Today Mr. KA had a work thing so he was gone all day. I took the kids to Church, then the food store, we came home for lunch and I cooked a chicken breast and made cheeseburger pizza. Then we went to the movies to see Alexander and the horrible, terrible, no good very bad day. (The movie was adorable, sure silly and over the top in places, but I just felt it was cute and it made me laugh in several places... a lot. The kids seemed to enjoy the really silly stuff. And it just reminds me how adorable Jennifer Garner is).

After we go home I cleaned up the dinners and then we started peeling apples for apple sauce. The kids would turn the handle to peel it, I would cut up and stick on the crock pot. The kids did play a few extra moments of electronics today, but I got so much stuff done. I gave them showers, made them grilled cheese for dinner, and then they watched a movie LM#1 got for his birthday (they had seen it already). I folded 4 loads of laundry and the towels are in the dryer. Oh and I made lunches for Mr KA and LM#1 for tomorrow.

Whew. Busy busy day. Mr. KA finally got home after 8:30. Long day for both of us.
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The Walking Dead: S5, E1 - No Sanctuary )

Once Upon A Time: S4, E3 - Rocky Road )

Gotham: S1, E4 - Arkham )

Sleepy Hollow: S2, E4 - Go Where I Send thee )

The friend party for LM#1 went well yesterday. He loved his party and had a great time. The kids all seemed to enjoy themselves, we finally ordered enough pizza and only had a few slices left over. I had 36 cupcakes and came home with over 15 I think. That was after giving 5 to a friend, I gave them as many as I could fit on the paper plate. I need to make 36 more cupcakes for Friday so LM#1 can take them to school and celebrate his birthday again. Then the family party is Saturday and I need to make two cakes, one for each little man. It's a lot of baking. Sheesh.
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Hawaii 5-0: S5, E2 - Ka Makuakane )

Sleepy Hollow: S2, E3 - Root of all Evil )

Saw Gone Girl today, great movie. Awesome directing and acting, and even though it was 2 hours and 25 minutes long it really didn't seem like it at all.

Tomorrow is LM#1's birthday party for his friends, we are doing Chuck E Cheese. The party bags are done, the cupcakes are done. Theme is Ben 10 so I have the omnitrix on the gift bags, and on the cupcakes - however I don't think a lot of the kids know what it is. It's an older show, one that I found on Netflix and the kids really like it.

We painted pumpkins today and I did a Cap shield on one side, an arch reactor on the other and an "A" in between. The "A" isn't great but I am pretty pleased with the other two.
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Here I go again, trying to make sure and update here.

First some quick opinions about some TV shows.

Hawaii 5-0: S5, E1 - A'ohe Kahi e Pe'e Ai )

Arrow: S3, E1 - The Calm )

Supernatural: S10, E1 - Black )

The Flash: S1, E1 - City of Heroes )

Agents of Shield: S2, E3 - Making Friends and Influencing People )

I have tried the comedies of blackish, Selfie and A to Z and each have something different but the funniest one was Selfie - sure it was ridiculous but the actors embraced it and it was fantastic. I'm interested to see how it goes forward. blackish thought the second one was better than the first so I'll tune back in. A to Z was eh, it has to wow me with the second episode otherwise I'm done.

I am still watching NCIS however I may stop and leave poor Mr KA to watch on his own. I just, the dialog is so bad, and the plots are ridiculous and... I just don't think I want to spend 45 minutes of my evening like that anymore. I'll see after this episode. I will miss the characters, but now the world they live in (I think the last straw is the plot device they used in the second episode involving Dir. Vance. I couldn't stand it, it was so manipulative, grrrr.

work stuff )

We were supposed to go apple picking tomorrow after LM#1 was finished school but sadly it's going to rain. So that needs to be delayed. I have off tomorrow, which is awesome, and I will be painting vertical stripes into my son's room. LM#2 has been wanting his room repainted so I allowed him to pick the colors (a bright blue, a red delicious red and a dark dark purple) The bright blue stripes will be on the red wall, sadly I wanted the purple on the red, though it would be subtle/cool look. After the painting is done I will order his new furniture, hopefully the one I picked out will fit in his room. There won't be a ton of floor space, however the furniture is being purchased with the thought of him taking it with him when he leaves. LM#1 has a queen bed, but LM#2's room is too small for that so he is getting a double.

One thing I am doing for myself tomorrow is getting a pedicure. I need one. Badly. It will be the last one for while as it's now winter and I won't be in sandals.
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Teen Wolf: Weaponized )
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Is watching Teen Wolf. Mr. KA is out playing softball and I have the chance to watch it live, but... I'm just so tired and just not interested. He plays again tomorrow night so I'll do it then.

Tonight I did my nails, a light blue on the bottom with black tips. Sadly the black streaked at the bottom of the blue because I didn't know what I was doing. So not as nice as I was hoping but perhaps I'll think they are ok tomorrow morning.

Also spent some time on Shutterfly putting photos onto pages so I could make a photo book for by the 31st in order to get it free, Mr. KA gave me a coupon. Yes he gave it to me a month ago but I didn't feel like it. So I'm trying to get it done now. I think that might be why I'm so drained.

I had some nice thoughts about last week's Teen Wolf ep (IED) but never wrote it up, then, because of Tumblr, I've been reading a lot of the TW fandom, their opinions, their Sterek campaigns and people who still watch the show but carry such hatred for Jeff Davis and bitterness for the lack of quality that I find it... odd that they even bother. Some more thoughts on the TW fandom etc )
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We watched Riddick, mainly for Katee Sackhoff because she is just such a kickass lady. But the movie was horrible. It was filled with one-liners, barely any actual dialog. The effects were fine/good but... I was not impressed.

Plus Katee Sackhoff showed her breast and I didn't really see the point of it at all, it added nothing to the scene, story, nothing. Why did that have to do happen?

I wish it was better, but what a waste of time. I really have been sucking at movie picking lately.
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The weekend was nice, got some things done around the house. The kids went to a neighbors on Sunday so I attacked my desk in the basement and filed stuff away and packed up tax paperwork etc. So I feel good about that.

We watched Looper, onmygod it wasn't good. The most fascinating part was how much like Bruce Willis they make Joseph Gordon Levit look, kind of scary. I found the movie pointless and not well thought out and I never bought the characters being redeemed. Just. Yeah, wish I hadn't seen it. :(

For TV, we only have 30 minutes left of season two of Orange Is The New Black and we would have finished it if the sync wasn't screwy. They talked and the lips wouldn't move, and we tried reloading and starting over and nothing worked. So hopefully tonight I can finish it.

Work stuff )

An update

Jul. 17th, 2014 07:16 pm
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So I haven't posted in months, haven't really paged through in months either. Gonna try to do better... again.

Around here...
Kids are fine )

House is good )

Work... *sigh* )

And me stuff )

I can't remember if I did this here but I have a pinboard, it's found here:

I have a twitter, it's found here: @kimannebb

And I have a tumblr, it's found here: kimannebb

If you guys have the above, I'd love to add you so leave a comment. I'll try ad start looking for you guys. :)

I can't wait to get my Entertainment Weekly this week as it has Avengers: Age of Ultron stuff. I'm so excited for this movie ... that doesn't come out for 10 months. But it matters not, I'm just so excited.

In terms of fandoms I'm reading Avengers, Cap2 and Teen Wolf the most. The kids are almost finished their Woody the Woodpecker episode and then it's reading time and then bed for them.
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I've been away, but I'll try and make more of an effort. I need to read the friends page and scroll backward. In the meantime I wrote up thoughts on this week's episode of Teen Wolf.

Teen Wolf: S4, E4 - The Benefactor )
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Teen Wolf: S3, E22: De-Void )

I took a half day vacation today, worked the morning, and then took a nap this afternoon and now we are watching some TV. Mr. KA and I were supposed to go to a play but it was canceled due to selling only two tickets. Since Mr. KA had to work I just worked as well.

Finally got a package out to ctbn60, I'm pimping Teen Wolf, Almost Human and Sleepy Hollow, thanks to reccea, I was able to put all these in the mail - she will have them tomorrow. *g*

The diet is moving along, up to 17 pounds now. I was hoping to be at 25 for my birthday weekend, but that is a long shot. Sadly I probably would have made it if I was able to exercise. But with the coughing it's not been possible. I will try yoga soon though.
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I went to Escapade and had a great time, loved hanging out with reccea and hederahelix (which doesn't happen nearly enough for my liking). Met some new people as well.

Sadly there was a small issue with wifi connectivity and my work computer, basically that it wasn't working, so I had to be taken to a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in order to get my work done. Then there was the fact that I coughed the whole trip. I really believe people that I had the plague. *g*

Unfortunately I'm still coughing, I'm now taking Tessalin Pearls, something to suppress the coughing, I've taken 5 pills and I've seen no improvement so tomorrow morning I'm hoping that is different. But I'm not feeling well, I feel like I did before the antibiotic. And that just seriously sucks.

I'm behind on tv so there's not much for me to talk about. Although I could rant about Bitten because wow with the bad. Mr. KA seems to be enjoying it but I find no character appealing or likeable and there was snipping of appendages in the last ep that... yeah, kind of pointless if you were going to kill him, why be so cruel? Hence the un-likability of everyone.

Looking forward to Teen Wolf tomorrow. Mr KA and I were supposed to go to a play but they only sold 2 tickets - ours, so they canceled the performance and gave us a refund and a credit for tickets, so that is good. But now we aren't sure what to do. I kind of had it in my head that I was off and I really need the rest. I may take a half a sick day for the afternoon and work the morning where I can be uninterrupted.

I did watch the latest Hawaii 5-0s and the banter and talks between Steve and Danny really are the show for me. I think the weekly crimes are boring and kind of stupid, or perhaps I just am not paying attention.

I joined Tumblr, so if you are there, I'm kimannebb. I don't quite get what I'm doing but I'm reblogging stuff. *g*
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After spending 5 days around LA with friends, I'm home into the frozen tundra. I took a red eye and I had hopes of sleeping but as there was a screaming child on the flight, that didn't happen. And I know how hard it is traveling with young children but that didn't stop me from being frustrated. I did nap for about 3 1/2 hours, longer than I originally anticipated, but I'm tired.

I'm also tired of coughing, which my roommates for Escapade are probably thinking the same thing. I really thought I would be feeling better by now, 5 days of antibiotics, but no, I feel about the same before I left. :( This gets me up to about 18 days of coughing. Fun times.

I loved hanging out with reccea and hederahelix, people I don't get to see nearly enough. And something that came out of the weekend is that I joined Tumblr, still have no idea what I'm doing, but thanks to reccea, I have it started. I chose some colors and a header and did reblog one thing. I'm sure I can get the hang of it eventually, but it seems like a "time suck" which is not something I have a ton of but there are some cool things out there. Right now faradheia has been sending me all these links and I've been loving it, so hopefully that continues while I get my footing in something new.

I did get to rematch of all of season 3B of Teen Wolf while away and I really loved watching it with same minded folks. I have a theory about Stiles and Malia I have a theory )

I haven't watched this week's episode yet, I'm trying to watch some of the other stuff Mr KA watched while I was gone so I'm not horribly behind.

I'm cold, wrapped in a blanket on the couch and I'm still cold. And coughing. Ugh.
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So there's been a ton of snow, we got another 3-4 inches on Tuesday morning causing schools to be delayed, businesses to be delayed etc. But today it's sunny with a high of 45. That is definitely lovely. The weekend is going to be temps in the 50s. Of course I think more cold is coming next week, but for now I will concentrate on the nice sun and the fact that it will start to melt the mounds of snow.

I am behind on shows. I haven't watched Teen Wolf from this week, which is killing me a little ... Stiles!!! But I will try and fit it in at some point. And Mr. KA and I had four episodes of Pretty Little Liars to get through, we did two last night and will most likely hit the other two tonight. It's hard to watched Aria interact with Ezra as we "know" about Ezra. You know? *g*

Took the boys to the The Lego Movie Everything is AWESOME!!! You will only "get" that if you saw the movie, but it was cute, some really clever jokes for the adults. And some cool animation, legos as the ocean? Pretty neat.

Saw the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy, and coming from a place where I know nothing about this group, the trailer made the movie look like a huge amount of fun.

I'm on Twitter, not sure if I mentioned that. I find it confusing to follow, and for me a restriction of 140 spaces is... difficult, but it's kind of fun to watch the celebrities post stuff. Only been on there for about a month but I already have 65 tweets. I keep posting odd thoughts that come in as I watch stuff, but because I'm behind it's no longer revelant on Twitter. Usually.

I have a horrendous cough. People keep asking me if I'm ok. It's ridiculous and exhausting. I haven't been exercising this week on the fear I will get either worse or sick. I don't want to be sick. But the coughing, I'm even taking cough medicine.

So the diet, it's going well. I haven't been 100% faithful but each week I get a little better and it's paying off. I am down 12.5 pounds and I can put my wedding ring on (I got them resized several months ago and the wedding ring was still too snug so I didn't wear it, but it fits now.) :) I feel even more motivated.

I have snack duty for work today and I tried some new recipes. A brownie that is 37 calories, banana oat squares (no sugar added), banana bread (gluten free), then I made smore cookies (prepackaged dough, just place on the cookie sheet), and rice krispie squares (although I burnt the butter so they may not be edible). Hopefully these treats go over alright, the brownies aren't great, the banana oat squares seem ok, although next time I will bake them for a little longer. They do not look like the picture at all.
ETA: the krispie squares were not edible, totally hard and fell apart, so in the trash they went. Learn from me people, if you burn the butter/marshmellow mixture throw it out and start over. :)

I also made a new chicken over the weekend, it used Ritz crackers, spices and parmesan cheese mixed in a food processor. Then it was dipped in a mixture of egg and honey. It's very good and the kids loved it. I tried it because I had Ritz crackers from Christmas (my in-laws gave them to me and we will never use them timely).

Next week is my trip to California and I'm sooo excited. :) I got an email from US Airways asking me if I wanted to be added to the list to move up to first class -- for an additional 324 bucks. Naaa, I think I'll scrunch up in coach. If it was a 100 bucks I might have done it, I've never flown first class and for fun, but not for that much.
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Last night into today we got more snow, this time it was about 12 inches. Then it turned to sleet, then rain and then nothing. But "the tail" is swinging around and we are scheduled to get 3-6 more between 9pm and 1am. Awesome.

My office closed today, which was nice because I only put in about 4 hours. I had to as I have things to do.

I helped shovel, I was out there for 2 hours. The boys enjoyed themselves, so it's good someone did. I love winter but I'm really over this one.

We watched Almost Human today (from Monday) and according to TiVo it was episode 4, and in it Kennix was having flashbacks. Seriously, Fox sucks, just air the eps in the ordered they were intended. Grrr.

Watching the The Walking Dead )

We've been rewatching Veronica Mars season 3 in preparation for the movie in March, it's fun to see it again.
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I think I have them. I think it's just so much going on. I have work which is overwhelming, the snow/ice, kid's soccer, projects. It just seems to mount on top of one another.

I did a bunch of research for summer camp for LM#1. This is the first year he will need it and I looked at a Y and at a private camp facility. The private camp, which is in my town and close by, is cheaper by a couple of hundred. And it goes all summer, unlike the Y which ends several weeks before September.

I also did some research regarding swim lessons. Neither kid knows how to swim, even though LM#1 has had three sets of lessons. But I need him to swim before camp because if he can't he sits, and I don't want that for him. And he's so close, I think he could do it if he has more confidence in himself. So there are swim lessons at the Y or the local high school. Neither are cheap, however the Y is stating that if we join as a family we get 8 weeks worth of swim lessons free. I'm kind of leaning toward the Y. I can go and do classes, we can use the pool whenever and the kids can attend specials there.

All of this has been given to Mr. KA and I'm waiting for him to review. It's a bit ridiculous. I spend my time putting it together and he goes over a week without looking at it. I'm trying not to get too annoyed as this is the man that arranged it so I slept until 9:50 on Saturday and didn't return with the kids until 12:30. But geez, just read it!!!

I bought a package of 10 frames varying in sizes before Christmas and I took the time this weekend to take down the old frames and put up the new ones. Right now it looks silly because the frames are empty, but I think I really like it.

I spent last night on Shutterfly ordering pictures so all frames could be updated. I also sent pictures of the boys out to friends and family from December and January. So I'm on top of that.

Yet there is still a laundry basket of towels sitting, mocking me, in the loving room that needs to be folded. *sigh* (and to add to the mocking, they are actually from last week, not this past weekend)

The diet is going ok, have not been as faithful as I should be, but it's still progressing in the right direction. So I need to focus on that.

Olympics Have not been watching but recorded a bunch because LM#1 was interested. So I have showed him some speed skating, wasn't impressed; cross country skiing, not fast enough for him (although he got interested when he saw they shot something) and icing skating, which he seemed catptivated by. When one skater did a really tight, fast turn (to end the routine), he was all 'wow'. It was cute. He's looking forward to snowboarding, which I should be able to show him tonight.

Work Well this is just busy. I should be working through my lunch but I don't feel like it. I have so much to do and just not enough time, nor the staff. Which, considering I have more people here than normal shouldn't be a problem, but they are new. I have testing to set up and complete by Friday. I haven't even started it yet. Ugh.

Sherlock: S3, E3: His Last Vow )

Supernatural: S9: E13: The Purge )


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